Mission and Vision of Westridge Elementary

Westridge One Page Mission and Vision Statement

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Westridge Mission Statement

Every student enjoys schools, engages in learning, and achieves high levels of success!

Westridge STEM Mission Statement

Using reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, students will learn about science, technology, engineering, and math to prepare them with 21st century skills and knowledge!

Westridge Vision Statement

Westridge Vision Statement

In order to reach our fundamental purpose of helping our students enjoy school, engage in learning, and achieve high levels of success, we are dedicated to creating a school in which…

  1. There is a climate of high expectations of achievement for students and staff members, and this high expectation is communicated with all parents, students, and one another.
  2. All the members of Westridge community treat one another with respect and care, fostering a genuine feeling of love and happiness that students and teachers feel within the school.
  3. Students are pushed beyond basic curriculum to explore and enrich their learning at higher levels, gaining exposure to literature, hands-on learning, and STEM-related opportunities.
  4. Every student feels cared about by their teacher and sees an excitement for learning and living.
  5. All employees understand the differences in each student and collaboratively integrate necessary instruction and intervention for each child.
  6. All employees work collaboratively on a frequent basis to openly share data, instructional ideas, action research, and support one another in helping every child.
  7. The school works with parents through frequent, clear communication to seek and establish support and understanding.
  8. Community partners and support services work jointly with the school to provide learning opportunities as well as services to meet the emotional, social and physical needs of every child.
  9. An enthusiastic principal guides the school with vision, high expectations, and skills to help others succeed through support and positive engagement with faculty and students alike.
  10. There is a safe and clean environment, maintained by order and dedication.