Westridge Handbook

The Westridge Handbook contains the policies, rules, and procedures that have been established by Westridge Elementary and approved by the Westridge Community Council. All policies, rules, and procedures should not contradict district policy or state law. If you have any questions please contact Westridge Administration.

Absences and Tardies

The first bell at Westridge rings at 8:35, and the second bell at 8:40. Students are tardy if not in their classrooms and ready to begin school by the 8:40 bell. Student absences are acceptable only for illness or unusual and infrequent family emergencies. Please review the district attendance policy which can be found here. Absences exceeding five consecutive days or those that occur frequently need verification from the child’s doctor with a note turned in to the office. Our school advocate will contact parents once their child has accrued five or more unexcused absences. If repeated absences occur after that contact, the matter will be turned over to the district truancy office which will include truancy school and possible referral to Provo Attendance Court. Utah State Law mandates that students must be in school. We ask that parents choose to take their child on vacation during the school year as little as possible.

Accidents and Illness

If accidents or illnesses occur, the school will contact the parents or the designated person on the health information sheet. The Emergency and Health Information is critical and we ask that you keep the contact information up to date.

Books and Supplies

Each year students are issued textbooks and other basic supplies. They may also check books out from the school library. Any books lost or damaged by the students beyond normal wear and tear will need to be replaced by the student or his/her parents.

Bus Safety Rules

It is a privilege for students to ride a Provo School District bus, and the responsibility of both the driver and students to do everything possible to make the ride safe. The right of a student to ride a school bus is contingent upon their continuous observance of safety rules, established regulations, and acceptable behavior. Students who behave inappropriately and do not follow bus rules are subject to discipline up to and including suspension from all bus riding privileges.

Students are instructed each year about the rules of conduct to be observed by students who ride school buses. The driver is in charge of the bus and students. The driver has the right to assign seats to meet the needs of the majority of passengers. Students are responsible for the area in which they sit. Any damage to the bus will be paid for by the students who are responsible.

Remember: Harassment, aggressive behavior, bullying, or discriminatory/abusive language or conduct towards the driver or other persons, on or off the bus, is unsafe and prohibited.

Closed Campus

Westridge is a closed campus school. Once students arrive at school, they are not allowed to leave the school and/or school grounds for any reason unless they are checked out in the office by their parents or a parent designee. Parents of students who go home for lunch on a regular basis can write one note at the beginning of the school year indicating their child has permission to leave campus daily during the lunch period. This note will remain on file in the office. Students for whom we have no note on file, who leave campus for lunch, are required to check out in the office and will be allowed to do so only with parent permission. We strongly discourage students from going home with another student for lunch. They will be allowed to do so only with written permission both from the student’s parents and from the parents of the child with whom he/she is going home for lunch.

Crossing Guard and Playground Supervision

The Provo Police Department provides a school crossing guard in front of the school four times throughout the day to protect students as they come to and leave from school. Students crossing 1460 North need to cross with the crossing guard. Supervision by paid assistants is provided on the back playground between 8:25 and 8:40 a.m. Students who arrive at school before the 8:40 bell are required to play on the back playground. Students who eat breakfast at school need to leave the lunchroom and go to the back area as soon as they finish eating. Playground supervision is not provided after school. Students need to leave the building and the school grounds immediately after school is dismissed. Supervision is provided at the front of the building both before and after school to monitor bus students and to assist students crossing school driveways. Students are required to cross at school driveways where supervisors are stationed and to do what they can to provide for their own safety and the safety of others. Paid supervision is also provided on the back playground during lunch recess. Teachers supervise students during class and grade level recess periods.

Dress Standards

Westridge dress and hygiene standards encourage modesty, safety and personal cleanliness. Clothing, jewelry items, body tattooing, piercing, etc. that interfere with or disrupt instruction to a marked degree are not allowed. Students may wear shorts so long as they are at least mid-thigh in length. Short shorts or un-hemmed cutoffs are not allowed. Halter tops, tank tops and midriffs are not appropriate, but modest sleeveless tops may be worn. Footwear is required for safety purposes. Students are encouraged to wear shoes or sandals that fit securely and protect the feet. Students will not be allowed to participate in physical education activities if they are wearing open shoes, such as sandals or flip-flops. All clothing or accessories that display wording or graphics advertising alcohol or tobacco or that are distracting or offensive will not be allowed. Hats can be worn on the playground but need to be removed before entering the building.

Because of their identification and association with gangs, the following are not permitted according to district policy: bandannas, chains hanging from pockets, headgear or any article of clothing or jewelry bearing gang symbols, names, initials, insignia or anything else which signals gang affiliation.


Students in kindergarten through sixth grade shall not be charged fees. However, donations will be accepted toward supplies, assemblies, fieldtrips, or other activities. No child will be penalized for not making a donation. If a child participates in out of school activities such as clubs or ski lessons, payment will be required and are not considered school fees. These charges have been approved by the school board.

Field Trips

Classes find opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom by going on field trips. Your child’s teacher will send home information regarding each field trip along with a permission slip. Parent volunteers are often asked to help supervise during trips. We appreciate your help, but would ask that younger children not come along. Pending special circumstances, school lunch will be expected to be purchased for field trips to reduce complications in planning and preparing for the field trip.

Gum and Candy and Homemade goods

Gum and/or candy should not be brought to school. Birthday treats should be purchased at the store. Home-baked goods are not allowed, even for class parties and birthdays.


Homework is an extension of class work. Studies show that it is effective in helping students make greater educational gains when students are practicing skills they have learned. Parents are encouraged to become involved in what their children are doing in school by working with them. Please expect your children to complete homework, as well as provide a quiet place for students to work effectively.

Inside Recess

Students will generally go outside even on winter days unless the weather is extreme. We will keep students inside if the temperature reaches 20 degrees or below, the air quality alert has been issued to the school, or if the wind or moisture is extreme. If your child needs to stay in for any other reason, please notify the school.


School personnel cannot give children medication without a written medication release. Tylenol may be given with the permission from a parent.

Parking and Student Drop off / Pick up

Please follow safe traffic procedure when driving near the school. In the morning, vehicles may use the drop-off lane for quick unloading of students. If you must leave your car for any reason, please park in the parking lot. Please always pull forward when you are in the drop-off lane, and for everyone's safety only allow your children to exit your vehicle when you are pulled against the curb.  The western bus and faculty entrance is always closed for parent/public use during school hours.

In the afternoon, please pull to the curb to pick up your students and refrain from parking for long periods of time in the pick-up zone. If you expect a long wait or your child is not immediately present at the pick-up zone, please park in the parking lot.  Children and adults must use the crosswalk when moving from the parking lot to the school entrance to maintain the safety of everyone. 

During all drop-off/pick-up times please refrain from speeding, mobile phone use, or anything else that will draw your attention from maintaining safety.

Phone Use

School phones are for school business and emergencies only. Please make arrangements with your child prior to the school about day care, whether to walk home, etc. A phone is available to call with illness, lunch charges, etc.

Playground Rules – Specific rules regarding the Playground:

  • Put-downs are not allowed on the playground or in the school building.

  • Basketball standards/soccer goals are not to be climbed on.

  • Slides are for sliding down only.

  • Swings are for swinging only, not for climbing, twisting, etc. Only one child at a time per swing. Do not jump out of the swings.

  • Jump ropes are only for jumping.

  • Pebble gravel and rocks are not to be thrown.

  • Tackle football or other games of a tackling nature are not allowed.

  • Throwing snowballs, sliding on ice, or climbing on snow or ice mounds (Bunker’s Hill, etc.) are not allowed.

  • Games are played according to rules of good sportsmanship (e.g., games cannot be locked).

  • Play in the assigned playground area at the back of the school. Don’t play in front of the school, on the west side by the kindergarten area or on the east side by the portable classrooms.

  • Stay within the school ground area. Do not leave the school grounds for any reason without receiving permission and checking out through the office.

  • Leave hard balls and other hazardous play equipment at home. Keep bicycles locked and in the bike racks throughout the school day.

  • Practice safety and courtesy in all games and on all playground equipment. Use playground structures only during assigned periods.

  • There should be no climbing on playground structures where it is not designated to do so. Students should never stand atop of any structure or jump from the structures.
  • Assume responsibility for all equipment taken from the classroom. Return lost and found equipment to the school office.

Report Cards

Student progress reports will be sent home quarterly. You may access current grades through Powergrade, via the district or school website. If you have questions about signing onto this system, please contact the school.

Scooters, Roller Blades, Skate Boards, Bicycles and Toys

Roller blades, skateboards and bikes are off limits on school grounds and in the building. Before entering onto school property, students need to remove roller blades, carry skateboards, and walk their bikes. All bicycles brought to school need to be properly stored in one of several bike racks provided by the school. We strongly recommend that students lock their bikes.

Toys, including trading cards, playing cards and electronic equipment are not to be brought to school. They become a distraction to learning and are easily lost or misplaced. Students can bring bats, balls, mitts, and other athletic equipment if they wish to do so. We strongly recommend marking all items. The school is not responsible for any items that are lost, stolen, or damaged.

SEP Conferences

Parent Teacher conferences are held three times each year. The first week of school we hold conferences to set expectations, establish goals and establish communication. During the school year parent teacher conferences are held two more times in the fall and spring to discuss progress and whether or not students are mastering essential standards and skills.


All visitors, including parents, are required to check in at the office. If parents will be moving throughout the school or visiting a classroom, they are expected to wear a visitor’s pass until they check out in the main office. Please limit all visits that may interrupt the teacher or students.